Same Bangkok, New Perspective

6 years ago, Bangkok was my introduction to the developing world. I was half-way through an around-the-world trip in which I spent the first 3 months in Hawaii and Australia – not exactly roughing it.

At the time, my senses were overloaded:

Sight – everywhere people and chaos
Touch – running sweat
Smell – stinky, polluted air
Hearing – horns and tuk-tuks
Taste – dirt and exhaust
Spidey sense – tingling.

I arrived at 6 in the morning and I got the hell out of Bangkok as quickly as possible and tried to locate the most isolated beach I could find.

Now things are different. I’m coming from Bangladesh. Bangkok looks like a manicured, peaceful city with order and luxury. On the cab ride to my hotel I felt lonely, “Where’s all the people?”

In some sense, I know I will miss the crowds of people in Bangladesh. They were my security. And I was their celebrity. I walked around a little tonight and didn’t notice a single person staring at me. Tom Cruise no more, I guess I’ll have to get used to being just another touron.

I catch a flight to Phnom Penh tomorrow evening. I’ll spend the majority of my day tomorrow wrapping up my notes, posts, recordings, audio slideshows from Bangladesh. Expect to see a lot of activity here tomorrow.

Also, I’ve got some cool news for all of you geeks out there. I hope to share it some time this week. Stay tuned…


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