Happy Pahela Baishakh (Bengali New Year)

Happy New Year if you are Bengali, happy Saturday if you aren’t.

My day started at 4am. I am beat. I’ll write more later, including how my “White Boy” fame nearly started a riot at a rock concert. This day was so, so very long. For now here’s me and Bibi on her rockin’ truck of Bangla beats…

Bibi & Me

How are you spending your Bangla New Year?

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Kyle says:

Looks like fun, man. Where did you get the sweet shirt?

Kelsey says:

Thanks. I bought it for the day’s events – only 7 bucks! I can bring you one back if you’d like.

Elizabeth says:

Hey Kelsey. Elizabeth from Guatemala/Indiana here. Just wanted to let you know I am a big fan of WAIW?. It has proved to be a great distraction in class. While I know you are working hard, my eyes still become a bit greener everytime I read your blog… they used to be brown.

Dina says:

nice to see the pic as i as browsing some Bibi Russell’s pic for my Facebook grp…


pls add pics and news here too..
u r ADMin in that grp…
thnx so much…dear…

tel her abt me and this grp plz…

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