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Kyle says:

How about answer c) goofy.

Melissa says:

Ha ha, c sounds good to me too!

Kelsey says:

You guys are cruel. I think I look very mindful and all with my small little hat thingy matching my shirt and all.

dalton says:

i am realy feel that you look like muslim .

syi says:

Could be …both? Haha.For a second there,I thought u’re a Muslim. Had that calm,peaceful aura..although the hat (or ‘kopiah’) is abit too small.

Kelsey says:

“peacful aura…” you’re to kind.

ayshe says:

what\’s wrong with being muslim……….

Kelsey says:

Nothing. What’s wrong with being bald?

charles says:

That cap make you look holy like a saint – for some reason. you look soo calm,peaceful wearing it that i am now intrigued

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