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HijabMan says:

🙂 You could still pull it off, man! 🙂

Kelsey says:

I’m honored that you think so.

HijabMan says:

Let me know when you get back, I haven’t played kabbadi or kho kho for quite some time, hahaha

Kelsey says:

Bring IT!!!! Game on.

yasmine says:

You could always try HMan’s “GO AHEAD: PROFILE ME” shirt! =)

Kelsey says:

Remember that Seinfeld episode where the comic converts to Judaism just for the “Jew Jokes?” Would it be strange if I converted to Islam just for a t-shirt?

Yasmine, The Profile shirt just doesn’t do it for me like the Frisk one.

It would make my century to see someone wearing that shirt going through airport security.

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