Job Opening: Cambodian Garment Industry

If I were one of those hardcore investigative journalists, I might consider taking this job in the garment industry.


I’m not.

The job, working for a garment factory that supplies Levis and the GAP among others, is based out of Phnom Penh. It has a rather vague title, Financial Controller, and a daunting list of responsibilities: Financial management, Imports and stores, Shipping, Personnel and Compliance, Administration and Security. To me it sounds like you would be an overworked middle manager with way too much to do.

The position requires “no experience.” Great, I’m qualified. It also says that applicants must speak good English and good Spanish. Well, now that sure makes sense. You don’t need to know the local language, but you do need to know Spanish. Guess I’m not so qualified after all.

My all-American Levi’s were MADE IN CAMBODIA and it sounds like this company just might be the place where they were given legs.

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khutsreypov says:

i’m need job asistant accounting, i can speeking english well,if you like me tobe working with your aompany please reply me to my address email ,

from phnom penh
khut srey pov

rajanna says:

dear madam sir,

This is Rajanna here madam sir, i have been working in sonal garment india ltd-bangalore and still have waiting positive reply …….so i think it will be under process..any way if there is any

openning pls let me know and have worked with all the buyers like uk,usa,.europe ,and also worked with domastic buyers like

jockey-uk , benetton-italy, nineplus-uk,




and many more ….if i selecetd pls send me the offter letter at the earliest …

kind regds



chandramohan says:

dear employers i have good experiance in garment field as a hr /compliance/legal/admin areas as a manager now i seeking job at uk/canada i was work for mainknitts canada for 6 months as manager hr/compliance coodinated for wrap.sa8000,iso audits and familiar with social audit as per indian act also worked for buyer like sears,vf asia,go for sports,kastrad,pvh,kappal,and walmart
etc as a social compliance auditor. please call me if i get work permit with visa i am willing to work in said areas .

my cell no 91 9791666655


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