$10 for Tuesday: Update

I need to do a master page for the $10 for Tuesday project showing whom I’ve given to and more information explaining the project.

It’s been a pretty amazing experience for me so far. Everyday I get an email or a post from someone asking for $10 or from someone who his giving in their own way. A couple of days ago I received this note from Hannah Ford.

My husband and I do not have a lot of money but every Sunday we pick at least 5 different children in our churches (my husband is the organist for two churches)..from 1-5 dollars each..someday we will be able to do more..we set aside 20 dollars each week for this..love what you are during.

We can all do a little more. Thanks for sharing Hannah!

amit valecha says:

Sir, seriously i need money……I’m an unemployed persons, if someone will help me this moment I said thank you…..Sir I know it’s not Tuesday…please sir…plz

Saqib says:

HI i dnt no what r u doing good or bad but tell me 1 thing how can 10 dollars help us i dnt have anything nothing now tell me ur 10 dollars help me ? i didnt get a job before to long i can do everything but….. every 1 will c 1 day ……….. hmmm by the way best of luck

jackie says:

sir please i need 10 dollars. 🙁

jackie says:

heres my libertyreserve account U4361911 thank u sir.

Ahmed Raza says:

I am poor…I can’t afford educational expenses ,no any income/source that I can continue my study plZzz help me I will remain ever thankful to you for this act of kindness sir .plz plz plz plz sir I need 100$ that I can continue my study

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