$10 for Tuesday: Spirit of Soccer

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For a few weeks I actually gave a crap about soccer.

I think every game I watched had a goal that should have been allowed and wasn’t or was allowed and shouldn’t have been. At times it seemed a little like WWE wrestling. Still, the beauty of soccer is its simplicity.

I once played soccer on a sandbar in a remote village in Honduras (listen to my piece on the World Vision Report). Our goals were marked by wood shavings from a recently carved dugout canoe. That’s the beauty of soccer: all you need is a ball and a little creativity to mark a goal. After that all you need is your two feet.

Although, you can’t take your feet for granted. I learned this while I was in Cambodia with an Organization called Spirit of Soccer. They use soccer clinics to educate kids – now over 80,000 worldwide – about Explosive Remnants of War.

Scotty Lee, the group’s charismatic and hilarious, founder has expanded the program to Bosnia and Herzogovina, Kosovo, Moldova, Cambodia and Iraq.

Currently the SOS team is at the World Cup. As the world puts the beautiful game front and center, I thought now would be a great Tuesday to give SOS $10 for the great work they’re doing that I’ve seen first hand and the great work they’ll continue to do in the future.

I hope you’ll join me. Donate here.


Rachael says:

Big Brother Mouse (google ’em) in Laos deserves a years’ worth of $10 Tuesdays!!

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