Annie pays ransom, the wedding is back on

Cancer fighters unite

This motely crew on their underwear: Reid’s made in Macau zebra striped thong provides just enough support and makes him feel like a real animal.

Janelle and Melissa like that “barely there” comfort they find in their made in Sri Lanka panties.

Annie enjoys the spaciousness and sexiness of her favorite made in Honduras underwear.

Judge’s Comments: Her wedding held hostage, Annie (holding granny panties) is forced to embarass her co-workers. One question: Should I be worried that Reid (the dude wearing zebra stripes) is wearing my fiances underwear, and that they fit?!…

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Made in Bangladesh: My Underwear

I came. I saw. I found my underwear…kind of.

The address I had for my underwear was not actually a factory, but a buying house. In Bangladesh, the factories don’t have marketing and sales staff so they rely on buying houses to link them with buyers.

The buying house that acted as the middle man with Briefly Stated, the company that bought my boxers, just happened to be Linmark, an international company that is one of the largest buying houses in all of Bangladesh. They work with the big boys: Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, you name it. They also work with countless factories, and trying to determine which one made my underwear 10 years ago would be impossible considering that factories are often making t-shirts this…

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In what appears to be just another one of those things that isolates us Americans from the rest of the world, our cell phones are locked to work only in our country. Where the rest of the world can swap SIM cards in and out depending on what country they are in, we cannot. Why would we want to leave our country anyhow?

I arrived to Bangladesh with my locked Motorola phone. Good thing too, because I was referred to Dalton Zahir, the GM of the Motorola store in Dhaka. Dalton and I immediately clicked. He’s a writer, photojournalist, author, and businessman, although he doesn’t like to talk about that. Dalton took me to his home village where I played…

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Same Bangkok, New Perspective

6 years ago, Bangkok was my introduction to the developing world. I was half-way through an around-the-world trip in which I spent the first 3 months in Hawaii and Australia – not exactly roughing it.

At the time, my senses were overloaded:

Sight – everywhere people and chaos
Touch – running sweat
Smell – stinky, polluted air
Hearing – horns and tuk-tuks
Taste – dirt and exhaust
Spidey sense – tingling.

I arrived at 6 in the morning and I got the hell out of Bangkok as quickly as possible and tried to locate the most isolated beach I could find.

Now things are different. I’m coming from Bangladesh. Bangkok looks like a manicured, peaceful city with order and luxury. On the cab ride to my hotel I felt lonely,…

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More Underwear Contest Goodness


Jen on her underwear: This is my favorite pair of undies, MADE IN JORDAN. How much do I love them? I have about 20 more just like them. Some might say I’m a little obsessive–but when you find underwear that are cute, comfortable, and don’t ride up, you buy out the store.

Judge’s Comments: Jen introduces us to the three C’s of underwear selection — Cute, Comfortable, and don’t ride up your Crack – and for that I think we all should be greatful. 20 pair of underwear!!! Right now I’m traveling with 4, although, I fear none of them are cute.

    Contest Update

We’ll wrap up this competition the beginning of this week, so if you haven’t entered, you better…

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Denzel Wears Boxers


Kent (aka Denzel) on his boxers: These Old Navy snowflake boxers have been by my backside through thick and thin. They’ve kept me warm on hikes in Ontario. They intuitively, as if by design, developed air vents in strategic places to help keep me cool on jungle treks through Thailand. They’ve treated me so well after years of loyal service that I’m thinking of taking them on trip to their native Cambodia to lay them to rest. I wonder if Bootsnall would sponsor that pilgrimage?

The judge’s comments: Many companies strictly adhere to the no-underwear-on computer-screen policy, but Kent understands that this contest and this blog are more important than the threat of losing his job. Also, triple word score for wearing Christmas boxers…

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It's my wedding and I'm taking it hostage

You people are a bunch of prudes!

I give you a simple assignment in which all you have to do is take a photo of yourself holding up your underoos, and what do you do? Nothing!

3 people entered the contest, none of whom I will be marrying this September. That’s right, not even my own fiance was supportive enough to send a photo. And what am I going to do about it? I’m not going to come home, that’s what. You hear me Annie! If I don’t come home, no wedding, no showers, no cakes, no shiny rings.

I’m taking our wedding hostage and I’m not coming home until Annie sends me a photo, which I will post for all to see, of…

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The Attack of the Granny Panties

The Quote of the week: “So, I hear you are interested in women’s panties.”

Said by Salehin, an owner of a buying house, after an obvious mistranslation in the phone chain of communication that brought me to his office.

As he said this, he magician-like presented a pair of seafoam granny panties from behind his desk. I almost died….

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WAIW? Plugged got mentioned on several cool sites recently: (Patagonia’s blog)

So it costs $15 more to buy a Patagonia t-shirt. They are one of the few companies that think about their environmental and social impact. I blame (read: credit) them for planting the idea of this quest and I wrote them a letter thanking them. They posted the letter. the pop culture travel guide

They liked the socially conscience aspects of my quest. They posted an awesome photo of a clothing tag that reads:


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