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I hope this picture of me sitting on a toilet in my front yard reading my Kindle makes Anthony Weiner feel better

Breaking: It was Weiner’s weiner.

It turns out that Congressman Anthony Weiner has a habit of online-only (yeah right) affairs, and the photo tweeted from his Twitter account of the bulging member in briefs was, in fact, the member of Congress’s member.

Anyhow, in order to make Weiner feel better and take some of the media heat off of him, I’m releasing this photo of me on a toilet in my front yard reading my Kindle.

I know what you are thinking… “Kelsey, what are you reading on your Kindle?”

Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to answer that at the moment, but I’ve hired a team of investigators who are looking into it.


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The whole world…

…in my hands. Introducing Griffin Noah Timmerman.


Born May 26th, weighing a whopping 8 lbs 13 oz.  A big thanks to Shawna Pierson of Shawna Renee Photography for snapping this great shot of G-money, Big Griff, Fin, Finn, or whatever we decide to call this little man….

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A thousand words (X 2)

My doctor’s politics, a tough pill to swallow

A display at our dermatologist’s office in Muncie.

I bet the doctor doesn’t have a $6,000 deductible. Whether you are for against the message of the sign, I think we all can agree that we’d rather not have our doctor’s hit us with their political beliefs. Might as well have Rush Limbaugh playing in the waiting room.

The most appropriate store name ever?

By the time you own something from a rent-to-own place, you’ve paid more than three times what you would have paid if you just bought it in the first place. At least this store isn’t trying…

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A (few) thousand (weird) words

Everything Ok

Really, what do you expect from a Chinese/Mongolian Grill located in Frankfurt, Indiana, where the high school’s mascot is a wiener dog? Love the honesty.

The Lobster Zone

At an Irish bar in Chicago. At least the lobster’s have a chance.  It’s hard enough winning stuffed animals, which are neither slimy nor alive, with a crane.

Reserved Colon Parking

If you work at a colon & rectal clinic, I’m guessing that you hear your fare share of shameless wisecracks (wiseCRACKS, get it) each day.  But when you label…

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