More Underwear Contest Goodness


Jen on her underwear: This is my favorite pair of undies, MADE IN JORDAN. How much do I love them? I have about 20 more just like them. Some might say I’m a little obsessive–but when you find underwear that are cute, comfortable, and don’t ride up, you buy out the store.

Judge’s Comments: Jen introduces us to the three C’s of underwear selection — Cute, Comfortable, and don’t ride up your Crack – and for that I think we all should be greatful. 20 pair of underwear!!! Right now I’m traveling with 4, although, I fear none of them are cute.

    Contest Update

We’ll wrap up this competition the beginning of this week, so if you haven’t entered, you better do so Monday. And yes, Annie has contributed a photo which I’ll post soon. It’s a good one.

The wedding is back on, or at least until the next contest is launched. Speaking of which…

Anybody got any good ideas for a pants related contest?


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