It's my wedding and I'm taking it hostage

You people are a bunch of prudes!

I give you a simple assignment in which all you have to do is take a photo of yourself holding up your underoos, and what do you do? Nothing!

3 people entered the contest, none of whom I will be marrying this September. That’s right, not even my own fiance was supportive enough to send a photo. And what am I going to do about it? I’m not going to come home, that’s what. You hear me Annie! If I don’t come home, no wedding, no showers, no cakes, no shiny rings.

I’m taking our wedding hostage and I’m not coming home until Annie sends me a photo, which I will post for all to see, of her wearing underwear on her head.

You want a wedding? Show me the undies!

UPDATE: Despite one of her co-workers advice, “You’ve got the ring and you’ve got the house. Who cares about the wedding?” Annie has come through in the clutch with a great photo, which I’ll reveal in the next couple of days. If you want, you can still give her crap in the comments section for not sending one sooner.

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Kyle says:

Who’s the front-runner in the underwear contest? I’m all a’twitter.

Lynne says:

Do you really think Annie will take that threat seriously? Although, I’ll admit, your Travelin’ Light’s readers are failing you on this one. How about a pair of pink/leopard print underwear?

Kelsey says:


I’ll post a contest update soon.


She better take it seriously.

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