Denzel Wears Boxers


Kent (aka Denzel) on his boxers: These Old Navy snowflake boxers have been by my backside through thick and thin. They’ve kept me warm on hikes in Ontario. They intuitively, as if by design, developed air vents in strategic places to help keep me cool on jungle treks through Thailand. They’ve treated me so well after years of loyal service that I’m thinking of taking them on trip to their native Cambodia to lay them to rest. I wonder if Bootsnall would sponsor that pilgrimage?

The judge’s comments: Many companies strictly adhere to the no-underwear-on computer-screen policy, but Kent understands that this contest and this blog are more important than the threat of losing his job. Also, triple word score for wearing Christmas boxers in July. Kent, I will be in Cambodia in 2 days, maybe I’ll pick you up a new pair.

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