Daily Show: Mexico gets Taco Bell

The ironies of globalization get more ironic. The culture clashing continues.

What does Jon Stewart have to say about the 1st Mexican Taco Bell? “Your welcome.” He goes on to speculate that the Mexican Taco Bell may want to consider changing their slogan, “Run for the Border.”

Whether you think capitalism will save the world or destroy it, you have to admit, times just don’t get more interesting than these. As for this particular story, it just might be more ironic than a Chinese Wal-Mart.

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Lynne says:

Somehow I don’t think we will ever realize the irony of, say, a “Fazoli’s” in Italy. Do you agree? Difference in social climate of countries?

Kelsey says:

I think a Fazoli’s in Italy would be so much worse. I think Italians would be much more defensive of their food culture. In Mexico a Taco Bell could mean progress. American culture is pretty popular in Mexico.

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