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Melissa says:

People! It’s people!

Actually, I know the answer (you’re reading James Sullivan) but this seems like one of those tests that based on your answer it reveals what kind of person you are. So many things would seem like they fit….

Kent says:

My first thought was post-war European immigrants.

Kelsey says:

Melissa, how and the heck do you know what I’m reading? Are you watching me right now?

Kent, in my book your answer is the most correct, but it’s not the right one. Mr. Sullivan has a tendency to overwrite in his glorification of this inanimate object of Americana.

Goodies are still up for grabs! No one has yet to say what “they” are.

Melissa says:

I read an article about the book. I have a good memory for what I read, which I have been told is why I do well in academia…

My first thought was what Kent said (well, actually, just immigrants in general), but then I remembered that it is jeans!

Rachael says:

*no* idea

but I like the quote!

Justin says:


Kelsey says:

Melissa is right. They are jeans.

Honestly, who reads magazine articles about books on Jeans? Don’t you have some kind of exercise physiologosizing to do?

I’ll post more on the quote tomorrow and announce Melissa’s prize.

Kyle Timmerman says:

Please! She sooo Googled it!

Melissa says:

I read articles on and reviews of books in lieu of actually reading the books. I still go to Borders about once a week and peruse the latest books but haven’t bought a book (except travel books) since Nov 2006.

I hope to one day read for fun again but for now I’m up to my eyeballs in adiponectin, TLR4, catecholamines, and other things related to exercise physiologosizing…

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