“They” were Jeans

On Wednesday I posted a quote from James Sullivan’s book “Jeans.” Allow me to rewrite the quote in the context with which he intended it to be read:

First JEANS built the country’s (USA) infrastructure, then JEANS populated it with collective identity.

From what I have read in the book so far, Mr. Sullivan has a tendency to overwrite in his glorification of this inanimate object of Americana. They are jeans, that’s it. When they get wet, they don’t dry. If you’re sweaty they stick to you. And If you run in sweaty jeans you’ll get a rash. Jeans didn’t win WWII. Jeans didn’t settle the West. Give it a rest Sullivan.

That being said, you can bet I’ll be quoting Sullivan when I write about my all-American blue jeans that were made in Cambodia. Sullivan writes about jeans representing the blood, sweat, and tears that built America. They are the American dream that you wear. It’s ironic that today jeans are made by young women workers like Nari and Ai in Cambodia who make not much over $50/month and live eight in a room. I’m guessing that Sullivan will touch on this, too. At least I’m hoping so.

As for our little mini-contest here

Justin guessed that “they” were Americans, that makes sense.

Kent guessed immigrants, that makes sense.

Thanks for playing.

Melissa, who doesn’t read books, but has been known to sit down with a long book review or two, knew Sullivan was referring to Jeans. I was actually thinking this contest would not have a winner and I wouldn’t have to ship off any Touron attire. I was wrong.

Melissa, feel free to pick something from the Touron Attire store and drop me an email with your mailing address.

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Kyle Timmerman says:

Kels, when can we expect the Fall line of Touron attire to come out. I could really go for a Touron fleece.

Kelsey says:

Dude, you live in Galveston. Ain’t it warm down there?

I imagine I’ll make some more stuff to give away for Christmas.

Kent says:

Any conciliation prizes?

Kelsey says:

I’ve got a new shirt in the works Kent. If I have to I’ll rig a contest so you get one. If you think of any contests that you would be a shoe in to win, let me know.

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