The problem with TOMS shoes & its critics


2013 Update: TOMS has taken many of the questions I and others have posed very seriously and are rethinking their model. They are opening a “responsible and sustainable” shoe factory in Haiti to provide opportunities/job to Haitians. They also plan on manufacturing their “giving shoes” in the countries where they are given.

These are very positive moves in the right direction. Kudos to TOMS. And kudos to all of the brave souls willing to speak out about how the TOMS brand could be used to make a real and lasting impact on our world.

More information here:

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“Can anyone think of a brand that…

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Either I have super hearing or one can hear a baby’s heartbeat by placing your ear on a pregnant woman’s belly.  To be clear, that someone was my wife.


I listened intently to my little boy’s heart. My ear to Annie’s belly like a cowboy with his ear to the ground listening for coming troubles.  Then he kicked me in the ear.

We could have our hands full with this one….

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Interviewed by the Spiritual Book Club

One of the reasons I try to avoid writing about religion is because it can often be divisive: If you don’t believe what I do, well then, you are wrong. So at first I was hesitant to agree to an interview at the spiritual book club, but then I read what they were about: is an on-line global community of kindred spirits who explore spirituality through books, music, discussion, and ways to get involved in doing good things globally…Often in talking about religions, there can be disagreement about this philosophy or that. Spirituality covers a broader turf. Those who attempt to lead spiritual lives get a sense that it’s about trying to be faithful, trying to understand,…

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A thousand words (X 2)

My doctor’s politics, a tough pill to swallow

A display at our dermatologist’s office in Muncie.

I bet the doctor doesn’t have a $6,000 deductible. Whether you are for against the message of the sign, I think we all can agree that we’d rather not have our doctor’s hit us with their political beliefs. Might as well have Rush Limbaugh playing in the waiting room.

The most appropriate store name ever?

By the time you own something from a rent-to-own place, you’ve paid more than three times what you would have paid if you just bought it in the first place. At least this store isn’t trying…

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