Good People: A Doughnut Economy

What does an economy of living within the means of our planet look like? Welp, according to economist Kate Raworth it looks like a doghnut. Kelsey and Jay are joined by John Motlotch and Scott Truex of the Sustainable Communities Institute for a discussion on Raworth’s TED Talk.

Topics we discussed and relevant links:

  • Kate Raworth’s Ted Talk, site,  book
  • How Scott’s focus on landscape design impacted his thinking and how John’s focus on systems impacted his
  • More in-depth explanation of how the doughnut economy works
  • How our economy/culture doesn’t give value to the environment and often people
  • Problem of focus on short-term growth and how nothing in nature works like that
  • George Monbiot’s Ted Talk: For more wonder, rewild the world
  • Comparison of an economies of degeneration, sustainability, and regeneration
  • We are dependent on biological system, but we expect it to adhere to our laws
  • How earth is bouncing back during pandemic
  • The Age of the Unthinkable by Joshua Cooper Ramo
  • A not so invisible hand: How much is Adam Smith’s mom worth?
  • What is the value of people?
  • Growth isn’t all bad if regenerative growth and not degenerative/extractive
  • Hope in the global reaction to COVID-19
  • Harder to change a nation, less hard to change a town, less hard to change a family, less hard to change yourself
  • Importance of cultural diversity
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