Good People: Kids & the Trauma Pandemic

KelseyTimmerman · 27: Kids & the Trauma Pandemic

For kids “The System” doesn’t work in the best of times. And during a time of global pandemic, there are even fewer supports. Psychologist Janay Sander joins Kelsey and Jay to discuss how best to support kids facing traumatic circumstances. 

Show Notes:

If you or a child you know in the United States is in a volatile situation or are subjected to domestic violence, please reach out to the following resources:  

National Domestic Hotline (800) 799-7233

Crisis Text Line | Text HOME to 741741

What we discussed

  • The System during COVID-19
  • Issues with telehealth
  • Importance of in-person home visits, especially for kids who can’t speak
  • Resiliency of kids 
  • How to be present for kids
  • Changes to system post-quarantine?
  • Inequalities in juvenile justice and health systems
  • How to help
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