The Power of Voluntelling


“That’s when Kelsey voluntold me that I was going to be a writer in the Facing Project,” Dr. Adam Kuban told those attending a session at the Indiana Campus Compact conference.

I love the term “voluntold.” But I would, wouldn’t I? I’m a fan of portmanteaus (mashing together two words). That’s where the term touron and glocal come from. I’ve used the hell out of each of those, so much that they don’t need italicized or put in quotes any longer.

A lot of arms have been twisted (that’s what I used to call the hard sell to volunteer I’d put on people) through the years to recruit writers, volunteers, and board members for The Facing Project. In fact, if I hadn’t voluntold my co-founder’s arm to be a writer on the very first project, there probably wouldn’t have been a second.

I know the responsibility of carrying another’s story can transform storytellers, writers, actors, and communities. That’s why I’ve never had much of a problem of voluntelling people to get engaged in a Facing Project.

Here’s how you can get involved

Donate: We give grants to communities to print books and fund spinoff initiatives.
Volunteer: See our current volunteer openings.
#iSeeStories Challenge: Participate in our social storytelling experiment.
Buy Storyteller Gear: For every shirt sold, $5.00 goes toward supporting community storytelling.

Do it!

You’ve been voluntold!




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