Interviewed by the Spiritual Book Club

One of the reasons I try to avoid writing about religion is because it can often be divisive: If you don’t believe what I do, well then, you are wrong. So at first I was hesitant to agree to an interview at the spiritual book club, but then I read what they were about: is an on-line global community of kindred spirits who explore spirituality through books, music, discussion, and ways to get involved in doing good things globally…Often in talking about religions, there can be disagreement about this philosophy or that. Spirituality covers a broader turf. Those who attempt to lead spiritual lives get a sense that it’s about trying to be faithful, trying to understand, and accepting that there are things that will never be answered in this lifetime.

It’s a quick and fun interview complete with my answer to “Name a place in the world where you feel spiritually ‘connected?'”


I have always avoided the word religion, even though spirituality has been important to me for years. The two words are as separate as flooding and rain, even though they both involve water. I haven’t had time to check this organization out yet. I’m on my way to join my brother at his church, one very different from mine–doesn’t matter. The earth is one. Beliefs divide; love unites.

Kelsey says:

Terry, I love your words. Well said. Sometimes when I’m speaking to schools with strong religious affiliations I get the religion question: What part did your faith play in Where Am I Wearing? I usually answer something about the human spirits ability to overcome and shine through the worst of conditions. I have the feeling no one quite buys it and that everyone hopes that I’m going to express a faith similar that aligns with their own.

Gary HYslop says:

Great interview, Kelsey. Your spiritual moment reminds me of one time I was SCUBA diving with my best friend at a cove not far from where I live. It wasn’t in a particular deep area, but in an area where you don’t see many fish (mostly bottom dwelling stuff), suddenly we were literally surrounded by a large school of fast moving herring. The sun coming through from the surface sparkled brilliantly off their sides and it was like we were surrounded by light. Just an amazing experience. My eyes probably got a little salt water in them. I tell myself it was just a slightly leaky mask. 😉

Kelsey says:

Gary, that’s awesome. Darn leaky masks. I was freediving in Baja and had a similar experience swimming in a school of fish. Isn’t the water kinda chilly in your parts?

Gary HYslop says:

Ha! I guess it is! It’s the notoriously cold Bay of Fundy. We had full gear, 7 mil wetsuits and it was later in the Summer so it wasn’t so bad, probably about 56F. At that temp once you’re moving it’s not bad. However one year we did a May dive when the water was 37F. In wetsuits. We dumped hot water in the suits before going in, but that only lasted for about 10 mins, then WHAM. It actually hurt!

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