Either I have super hearing or one can hear a baby’s heartbeat by placing your ear on a pregnant woman’s belly.  To be clear, that someone was my wife.


I listened intently to my little boy’s heart. My ear to Annie’s belly like a cowboy with his ear to the ground listening for coming troubles.  Then he kicked me in the ear.

We could have our hands full with this one.

Colleen Boyd says:

ear kicking is the first sign …. congratulations to you and Annie and the big sister – how exciting!

Ah, not coming troubles, coming adventures with a few side-troubles. I called our second son, Steve, Wild Man. He now has an MBA, not exciting from a professional point of view, but he was definitely an ear-kicking kind of kid, and he still lights up a room when he enters it–most likely like your developing son.

Colleen, just holler if you are up for some babysitting!

Terry, I’ve seen a lot of Wild Boys lately. Kinda understand why some folks turn to Meth. However wild he is, we’ll keep him.

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