STLCC-Meramec Goes Glocal!

Today and Friday I’m speaking to the students at St. Louis Community College – Meramec.  If you happen to be one of the students who heard me speak today, this post is for you.

I want this post to be a place where you can share experiences and thoughts about what it means to be a glocal living in St. Louis.

What opportunities and organizations are their in your area that need volunteers?

What opportunities are there for the Meramec community to reach out to the world (study abroad programs, cultural exchanges)?

Here are a few of the resources I mentioned during my presentation today:

Glocal Travel Guide/Glocal Volunteering Guide / Glocal Consumer Guide

Join  The Go Glocal Project

Ways to Join:

  1. Sign up for the Go Glocal Project’s monthly newsletter – more ways to go glocal and sneak peeks about what’s to come. Maybe a few free ebooks or two as well.
  2. Join The Go Glocal Project’s Facebook Page

Go Meramec Magic!


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Let your voice be heard!