The Show Me Your (underwear) State


This week my hectic, but oh so fun, spring speaking schedule kicks off. Here’s my complete spring schedule and updated speaking info.

I’ll be driving tomorrow for about 7 hours and could use some company.  If you want to chat about writing, traveling, underwear, or all the above, send me an email or a tweet @kelseytimmerman and we’ll set a time between 12-7 EST to chat.

If you are in the St. Louis or Columbia area stop by and say, “Hi!” Both events are open to the public.

Stephens College (Columbia U)

Tuesday March 1st (6PM) at Kimball Ballroom of Lela Raney Wood Hall, 6 N. College Ave. The event is free and open to the public. For information, call 876-7111.

Checkout this story about me in the Columbia Tribune. I was wearing all “Made in Mexico” when I gave the phone interview. That doesn’t happen very often.

St. Louis Community College – Meramec

Thursday, March 3 at 7 p.m. in the Meramec Theatre. Admission is free; seating is general admission. More details.

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