This is My Normal

I can’t wait for the release of the blooper reel of the “This is My Normal” documentary shot by Wonderkind Studios & Rule29 for Life in Abundance. I ruined more than a few shots and it would probably be a Kelsey Blooper reel. You can see me getting my key grip on at 29 seconds (look at that form!).

But seriously, my time in Kenya with the gang that made this film was amazing. I’ll never forget it. I knew that if the documentary that resulted captured 1% of the vibe and energy and spirit of the slums it will change a little something in everyone who watches it. I think the film far exceeds this and I hope that you all get a chance to see it someday.

Here’s a non-blooper behind the scenes look…

This Is My Normal Trailer with Behind The Scenes from Wonderkind Studios on Vimeo.


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