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They’ll be 7 billion humans on Earth by the end of 2011. If you are able to watch the video below from the comfort of your home, you are one of the privileged few. I think that comes with some responsibility. I’ll get to that in the near future.

National Geographic magazine is doing a series on world population. A piece by Robert Kunzig titled 7 billion begins with 17th century scientist Antoni van Leeuwenhoek examining his own semen. Despite the odd beginning, it’s worth a read.

Colleen Boyd says:

Hi Kelsey,

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Also, 7 billion people would still fit within the State of Texas and give everyone, roughly, the same amount of space people in Manhattan have to live – the problem is not space but resources.

Thanks for sharing this, Kelsey. It’s always good to have the facts. And one of the facts that often gets lost in the shuffle is that human beings can come up with creative solutions to any problem, if we identify it and agree to work together. I will keep an eye on this National Geographic focus and share with friends.

Jack Dorfman says:

Interesting observations from a member of the race (human).

Jack Dorfman says:

Interesting reflections on humanity at 1of7b.blogspot.com

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