Worst bookstore ever

Worst Bookstore EverMy local book store is a wreck. This photo is proof.  A photo biography of Johnny Cash (bottom right)  is in the business section with other “cash” related books.  Also note the Dale Earnhardt  commemorative Sports Illustrated (top left).  Hey, I guess “crash” is close to “cash.”

This is exactly why I hate the lack of an independent bookstore in Muncie.  This is someone’s job.  They aren’t doing it because they love books or the alphabet or common sense.  They probably don’t make much over minimum wage and their health plan consists of 10% off fruit smoothies at the cafe.

When big boxes win, we lose.

gail says:

wow – that’s pretty sad. And I think you nailed it: it’s a “job” for someone…not a passion or even a hobby. It’s a paycheck. (we lose)

Kelsey says:

Gail, I almost went on a rant about big boxes and the homogeneity of our culture which leads to a general dumbing down. It used to be that someone at the hardware store new more than just how to ring up a power tool. They could give you pointers for your home project. It was the person’s career. It used to be that readers worked at bookstores. Now the wages that stores pay are barely livable. $8.00/hour and no benefits isn’t enough to keep someone with any amount of expertise around.

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