In order to retain my blogging license I’m required by law to recap all that was 2010.


  • Baby #2 is on the way. Pray for us! Annie is feeling great. We find out the gender on Tuesday!
  • Annie put up with me for another year, despite a 6-week trip to Africa, a few week-long speaking engagements, and a two week trip to NYC. However, my daughter was far less pleased with my absences. It’s tougher to leave now, but doing what I do is important to me, so rewarding, and important to my family.
  • I gave away $10 every Tuesday for the entire year. (okay so I missed some Tuesdays but I always made up for them). I’ll have a reflection and some news on this project later.
  • My brother had a baby, or I should say that his wife did.  I can’t wait to take Max camping and teach him how to make a fire, spit, and cuss — all the things an uncle is supposed to do.


  • I stumbled on to a new career: speaking. I never enjoyed getting up in front of the class and talking when I was in school. But this year I talked in front of thousands of people and to my largest single audience ever – 1,000 students at Wingate University. I mainly talk at universities and high schools and really enjoy chatting with students. I now get emergency emails from teachers and professors. “Help! Our students are spoiled and don’t realize how good they’ve got it.” Or, “Our students don’t have a lot and they probably won’t get to travel much, could you bring the world to them?”
  • “Where Am I Wearing” was selected as a common reader at three universities and one high school. The only thing better than selling a couple thousand copies of your book at a time is interacting with the students in person, on facebook, and Twitter who are reading it. They’ve inspired and encouraged me so much to keep doing what I’m doing.
  • My book also continues to be adapted by sociology, business, and anthropology classes across the country. Instructors can get a free copy here.
  • Produced my first radio features.  One on SoleRebels, one on Jake Harriman/NURU, and another one on the runners of Iten is currently in the works.  This is tough stuff, but mostly fun.  I need better equipment and I’ve learned a lot of lessons about the type of audio I need to capture. I’ve had work air on the World Vision Report over 20 times now. In fact, this week my piece on Fantasy Kingdom in Bangladesh is airing on stations across the country.  Like speaking this isn’t something I ever intended to get into. Funny how that happens.

Travel (Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ireland)Kenyan Runners

  • I ran with world-class Kenyan runners at 8,000’ (see right)
  • Spent the night in a Nairobi Slum
  • Met an amazing Marine, named Jake Harriman who founded NURU. Two years from now his name will be mentioned in the same breath as Greg Mortenson. Mark my words.
  • Nothing Personal: I’ve had some questions lately about the Nothing Personal Project. I believe in the project, but for a number of reasons it lost its luster for me. So, last month I removed myself from it and wish Andrew the best.

I’ve got some really exciting things for 2011 in the works. I can’t wait to tell you about them.

Leonie says:

Hello Kelsay,
l came across your website while looking for worthwhile charities that really make a difference and l found it raw and to the point without being too intense. If there are any charites that you could recomment l would love to hear about them as l am looking forward in the near future to helping out as best as l can.

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