In which I give $10 to a complete stranger


Because it’s Tuesday.

Because this dude drives a 1990 Ford Taurus and he owes on it! (My favorite shorts aren’t even that old!)

Because he works at Wal-Mart.

Because he wrote this letter:

Dear Kelsey, I believe it is a great ministry to others for you to give them $10. Money really does add up. If I could only find someone to give me $60,000 to pay off my loans that I’m stuck with now that college is over, that would be amazing! It’s a bummer I’m unable to use my degree as I have wished since the economy is low. I attended Bethany Bible College for five years in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. I’m originally from Michigan (which is the worst economy in the United States) and have been relocated to New Jersey where I did my internship. I’m currently working at Wal-mart which doesn’t give much pay, therefor I’m living with a family I stayed with during my internship. I have two separate loans to pay off including the cost of a car (1990 Ford Taurus! I pray to God is never breaks down, or I’m a goner), room and board and food. And money needed to take my Woman out! In due time I know things will look up, and it may not be for awhile, but I’ll get there somehow. Well there’s everything in a nutshell. Thought if I was to receive $10 from anyone, midas well give you something worth reading. I really would love to give money away to many people, help my family and friends get out of debt, help the homeless here and over seas. O joy what it would be!

God Bless You!

Gary Woods, Jr

Gary also referred to the $10 4 Tuesday project as a ministry, which makes it seem to have a higher purpose and is good for my ego. That said, I just emailed Gary for his address. $10 will probably pay half of what he owes on his car!

Gary Woods, Jr says:

Hi Kelsey, thought I would send an update, my life hit a dead end in New Jersey, now I’m a single man living in Nebraska with a great job, I kept your $10 in the envelope for awhile till I needed it, one day I didn’t have any money on me and was about to run out of gas…. lucky me the $10 came in handy! Thanks again, hope all is well!


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