A love letter to Aerobie Inc

FrisbeeI got a response and a free Aerobie out of this letter. So I thought I’d share it here.

Dear Aerobie folks,

I’m a journalist and author of the book “Where Am I Wearing” and since 2001 I’ve been traveling the world writing about people near and far. There’s only one item that has been with me the entire time – my Aerobie Superdisc.

I don’t leave home without it.

My Superdisc is so much more than just a fun way to pass some time, including:

A de-adulter: Turns adults into kids in a matter of a few tosses.

A language decoder: Pull out your disc and language won’t matter. Laughs in Mandarin, Nepalese, Thai, Khmer, Spanish, French, etc. all sound the same.

A friend-maker: Throw the disc and run after it, trying your hardest to catch it before it hits the ground. This is impossible, but will win some sympathy from onlookers. Continue the game until you spot potential buddy material and “accidentally” throw the disc at their feet. If they take the bait, you got ‘em.

A plate: Flip it over and you got yourself a plate. Be sure to wash it before and after you use it. Air dry.

I’ve played in Kosovo. I taught the children of a remote village on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras how to play Ultimate Aerobie. And the Superdisc was front-and-center during one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

I was visiting the Phnom Penh (Cambodia) city dump. Burning trash spilled forth acrid smoke. Dump trucks backed up, dumped their loads, and adults jumped on the pile of fresh trash looking for recyclables. The adults earned $1 per day. They had moved from their villages when they heard about the “opportunity” to work at the dump. The dump was the closest thing to Hell on Earth I’ve ever seen.

Away from the trucks, on a plateau of trash, a group of kids picked through older trash. They earned 25-cents per day.

The sight and the smell were nauseating and tear wrenching. I could have puked. I could have cried. I fought the urge of both. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I marched up the plateau of trash to visit with the kids, reached into my bag, and pulled out my Aerobie Superdisc. For the next 30 minutes we laughed and played. They were the only laughs and smiles I saw the entire time at the dump.

It was a magical moment in which joy triumphed over suffering and desperation. I will never forget it. It wouldn’t have been possible without my Superdisc. Here are a few pictures from the experience.

Unlike other throwing discs, the Superdisc is so easy to throw that adults and kids that have never tossed a disc in their life do so with ease.

Thank you for making such a quality product.

This June I’ll be working in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, and I’ll be taking my Superdisc (and perhaps a few extra to leave behind) with me. You can bet that more than a few impromptu games will be had courtesy of my well-used Superdisc.

Kelsey Timmerman

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phil says:

I love Aerobie, the world record throw was achieved years ago using a pro ring.

very impressive

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