Muslim Barbie Doll

Move over Going Home Barbie meet Fulla, the Barbie with Muslim values.

Warning! Warning! Cultures colliding in 3…2… AGHHH!!!!

If you are a little girl in Syria – chances are you aren’t – and you want to play with a doll, I think that it’s great that you have a doll to play with fashioned in the style of your own culture. Mattel thinks it’s great, too. A Fulla doll costs $16, which is more than some Barbie dolls costs in the USA. The average monthly income in Syria…$100.

And some people think that Muslim girls aren’t treated right. They’re treated like Princesses. My parents never bought me an action figure that was 16% of their monthly income. Granted the article in the NY Time linked to above throws out these numbers, but I highly doubt that the parents of girls earning $100/month are buying their daughters Fulla.

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Rob says:

mmmm that’s good, teach them oppression while they’re young… through barbie!

Kelsey says:

Face it Rob, it’s a Barbie World. We just live in it.

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