Mr. Spit

“In China getting people to swallow their spit is really difficult,” says Beijing’s Mr. Spit in the video below, “so, we’re just trying to get people to spit in a civilized manor.

The Olympics are going to be really interesting this year. Besides the athletes running fast and jumping high, there’s the smog, the Chinese human rights debate, and the cultural conflicts like spitting.

For a preview watch this video (thanks Joel):

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circusoflife says:

The theme for your world travels is great!
Finding out where things come from has been important to me. Though mine was a bit more broad.

Some things I saw related to industry are here:

Keep going!

I am on BNA as — circusoflife

Though I do not participate much at all…reasons which you can find out about if you go to my main website page. Cheers

Jessica says:

Ha, the spitting really got to you, eh? I admit it that, as superficial as it is, it’s not the easiest thing to ignore. The footage that clip used when it talks about queuing was interesting… people push to get on the bus without letting people get off first… elevators work the same way – happens to me every single day almost: sometimes people actually come in the elevator before you can get out, or they just crowd in front of the door waiting for me to leave but not giving me any space to leave through.

For me, with my background, it makes me wonder about people’s conceptions of space, about assumptions regarding strangers, competition, and resources (esp. the queuing – every person for themself!), and health beliefs re: the spitting.

Joel says:

oops – that last one was from me, Joel, not Jessica. She hates it when I use her computer and accidentally leave messages as her. =)

Kelsey says:

In China I often felt like an ant.

Joel says:

ha. in China, I often feel like an idiot, but that’s probably because my language ability is hovering somewhere around toddler level, only with a worse accent.

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