Found in my hotel rooms medicine cabinet for only $1.50…


(Verbatim from the shiny packaging. Oh, and if you are in my aunt’s elementary class, STOP READING. Go draw a hippo.)

“It are according to the different characteristics, cent of the man wash and lady wash.Do you return the iso-WHAT? Take a shower on everyday or the sexual intercourse is in front and back, use it wash the private parts and is the hygiene’s the best choice of your health, at romantic tender feeling of personal status of time make you have peace of mide to have no to worry.”

This is definitely one of the more interesting, and by interesting I mean creepy, places I’ve ever stayed. But that view sure is nice.

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Melissa says:

I can’t decide what is more disturbing–the product or the label…

Kent says:

One can only laugh.

Kyle says:

If that doesn’t tickle your funny bone, I don’t know what will. I developed a “romantic tender feeling of personal status of time” just reading this post.

Kelsey says:

I’m glad this post “touched you” Kyle.

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