Wakeup China!

If you lived in Guangzhou, how would you start your day? The choices:

Running backwards in white, see-thru shorts that allow the early morning revelers to see that your black underwear are riding up.

Tai Chi in your pajamas.

Ballroom dancing on the river walk. Who needs a ballroom? Who needs music?

Body thumping – pounding your fists up and down your body. Good morning chest. Good morning bicep. Good morning butt cheeks.

Wiggling. You’re old. You don’t want to move much, but you want to put on a show as if you are active and will live longer than 3 weeks.

Group singing. You are good enough that a strange foreigner pulls out a microphone and records you. You don’t care about him. You don’t care about much of anything because all of this singing is just so darned pleasant.

Solo tennis. Tether a ball to a weighted bag and swing away.

Fishing, swimming, playing cards, etc.

Obviously, my activity of choice is people watching – very enjoyable (except for Mr. Runs Backwards).

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Kyle says:

You need to come up with your own “welcome the morning” routine, Kels. Maybe you coud become China’s Red-Hat Runner for a few weeks.

Joel says:

Ha! You just described our neighbourhood, except our Mr. Runs Backward also crabwalks backward… sort of. Have you seen the sword dancing yet? That’s worth going out in the early morning for, at least once.

Kelsey says:

Sword dancing? Yikes. It’s great to be around people who aren’t self-conscious. I like making fun of them.

Kent says:

My personal favourite is the pack of old lady arm flailing.

Jessica says:

Ah, I see my husband (Joel) already commented about Mr. CrabwalksBackward from our neighborhood.

Though we don’t live in Guangzhou, we begin our mornings being woken up by the body thumping you described. That rhythmic beat makes it all the way up six floors and through the walls of our apartment to wake us up. I try to put my pillow over my head and ignore it.

Kelsey says:

Say you are Mr. Gets-Up-in-the-Morning-and-Likes-to-be-Active. Today you are feeling a little different. Today you might just give into that urge that’s been haunting you see your PE class when you were 8. Today you will crabwalk backwards!

Seriously, there had to be a day 1. What the heck was he thinking?

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