This is the first entry in the Create Your Own NGO Contest, and it’s a good one. I about OSHIT myself from laughing. Thanks Kyle.


Organization for Super Hero Identity Theft

What’s the first thing to go through a superhero’s head when his secret identitiy has been compromised? That’s right, O.S.H.I.T. It is O.S.H.I.T.’s mission to quickly relocate unmasked crime fighters, and to assign them new aliases in the event that their true identities are discovered by any of a variety of ne’er-do-wells.

If you haven’t entered, and I know you haven’t, do so now! Because like John Cougar Mellencamp said, “You gotta stand for something. Or your gonna fall for anything.”

UPDATE: Kyle aka Malaria Boy, my brother graduated from Purdue University today with a PhD in exercies physiology. Way to go Kyle. I am truely sorry, and a bit homesick, that I couldn’t be there for todays events. It’s been a long ride. He was studying at the University level for 13 years.

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Kyle says:

Wow! I have clearly scared everyone off with my Super NGO. Come on people, let’s make this a competition! Big D, McCoen, 3M, JZ? Are you guys out there?

Melissa says:

Well, you know Kyle–some of us don’t have the fancy title yet and still have to work…I’ll get an entry eventually. Mine is called R.A.D.S. More later….

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