The winners (that’s right 2 of ‘em) of the Where am I Wearing? Contest of Destiny are…


Show ’em what they won you handsome, red-faced, long-nosed, model you.

How to collect your one-of-a kind organic cotton, officially unlicensed Touron T-shirt – Email your address to and I’ll send you one right out. If you want it any time soon email me in the next two days. After that I’ll be in Bangladesh and and the United Bangladesh Postal Service just ain’t what it used to be.

Melissa’s entry was selected for its absolute shoe insanity. Who the heck has a 5-slot shoe rotation? Melissa, that’s who.

Keppie’s muse is a grey sweater. That’s exactly the kind of passion I was looking for.

Reasons people didn’t win –

You live in Australia and I didn’t want to pay the shipping.

You trashed your favorite pair of pants instead of ceremoniously burning them.

You didn’t tell me where it was made.

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Kyle says:

Congratulations, Melissa!

jv says:

“You trashed your favorite pair of pants instead of ceremoniously burning them.”

Hey, I resemble that remark …

But I haven’t trashed them yet! I’ll burn them if that’s what it takes. In fact, I’m firing up the barbecue right now …

Kelsey says:

jv – Burn baby burn. Now that’s the type of sendoff your pants deserve.

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