On the Written Road

The Written Road is a blog started by travel maven/mogul-in-the-making Jen Leo. The blog focuses on travel writing and features useful tips and market leads.

Jen still has the occasional posts but most of the daily heavy lifting is left to Abha and Nicholas. They manage to carry on the quality writing about writing about traveling. Any aspiring travel writers would be well served to check in on the site now and again. Plus, Nicholas is from Ohio, which, as you may know, is a hotbed for emerging travel writers. Ohio: It’s a great place to leave!

I’ve followed the Written Road blog for the past 3 years. It’s helped clear the muddy waters of exactly how one might make it as a traveling writer. While the site has been a useful tool for me in the past, I’m beginning to think their editorial standards are slipping.

Why? Because today I’m featured on the Written Road. Here’s a little what they have to say about WAIW? :

It’s a great idea for a blog and hopefully will inspire a few others to search out where their toaster was made or the birthplace of egg salad.

Egg Salad – I never thought about that. Really, the amount of Where Quests are limitless…egg salad, toasters, singing ninja hamsters, etch and sketch…you name it. It was made somewhere by someone.


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