Live from Bangladesh…It's ME!

Not really. Not yet.

I talked with the producer of the World Vision Report radio program today. It looks like I’ll be filing two reports during the trip.

One before I leave Bangladesh for Cambodia in which I’ll introduce my idea and talk about the Bangladeshi factory that I visit.

And the other once I’m home, which will cover my experiences in Cambodia, China, and a summation of the adventure as a whole.

Of course all of this is subject to change. Will the experience at the Bangladeshi factory be the same as the experience at the Cambodian? If so, that’s one story not two. I expect they will be much different (other than the fact everyone I meet will think I’ve lost it when I tell them I came all the way to their place of work because my britches were made there). Will the logistics work out allowing me to contribute from the road?

However things go down, it should be fun. It was exciting to talk about it today and even more exciting to learn that the interviews with Peggy, the host, won’t be live. At least that will give the editors of the program a chance to make me look smart. Best of luck to them.

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