Underwear Wall of Fame

My Undies
This pair of underwear led me all the way to Bangladesh. What did yours do?

Cancer fighters unite

This motely crew on their underwear: Reid’s made in Macau zebra striped thong provides just enough support and makes him feel like a real animal.

Janelle and Melissa like that “barely there” comfort they find in their made in Sri Lanka panties.

Annie enjoys the spaciousness and sexiness of her favorite made in Honduras underwear.

Judge’s Comments: Her wedding held hostage, Annie (holding granny panties) is forced to embarass her co-workers. One question: Should I be worried that Reid (the dude wearing zebra stripes) is wearing my fiances underwear, and that they fit?!


Jen on her underwear: This is my favorite pair of undies, MADE IN JORDAN. How much do I love them? I have about 20 more just like them. Some might say I’m a little obsessive–but when you find underwear that are cute, comfortable, and don’t ride up, you buy out the store.