Good People Podcast Episode #1: Justin Narducci

Good People

After a year of my friend Jay Moorman bugging me about doing this…I started a podcast. The Good People podcast explores what it means to be good by talking to everyday heroes, philanthropists, altruists, and do-gooders.  

I’ve spent the last 18 years traveling to 50+ countries to research my books and meeting amazing people who do so much good in the world. Meeting them changed me. And it’s my hope that I can introduce listeners to these people and others who’ve had such an influence on me. They’ve helped me see how I can best make an impact in the world in very tangible ways. It’s my hope that together we learn how to be better local and global citizens in order to make a positive impact on people and our planet. And that we can all live meaningful lives with a bit more purpose.

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Episode 1: Justin Narducci

Justin Narducci

Justin Narducci of Lifewater International

Jay and I introduce the podcast and talk with my friend Justin Narducci of Lifewater International. I traveled with Justin to Kenya in 2010 and he really influenced my thinking on aid and development.

We talked about:

The water and sanitation crisis

Open defecation free villages and why many in NGO circles don’t want to talk about ODF (because poop) but why we must

The difference between aid and development

How to market development and what we can learn more mutual funds

Educating donors vs marketing to donors

Inputs, outputs, and outcomes and why there should be more focus on the latter

If I look more like a missionary or mercenary

Role of faith-based organizations in community mobilization and development

Justin’s path from MBA student to NGO leader

The high ROI of public health

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