The Limo at the Daddy-Daughter Dance

Daddy daughter dance 2016

“Man, who comes here in a limo?” I said, to my fellow dad, Zach, as we left the daddy-daughter dance with our daughters.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but there seemed to be some pressure at the daddy-daughter dance to “out-dad” one another. This dad wore a suit. That dad wore a bow tie. This dad has some dance moves. That dad is on the phone.

But a limo?

As I turned to watch it drive by, I saw it slow in front of a dad and daughter well within earshot of my comment. As soon as I saw them, I knew that there was probably some super special reason that this dad came with his daughter in a super special limo. I was convinced he was dying or deploying, or even worse, she was dying and this was some kind of Make-a-Wish situation. I immediately felt like a jackass.

“Cool…you got a limo.” I said something like that trying to do damage control.

“Ha,” the dad said, as he waited for the limo to pass. “If I see that guy, I’ll punch him in the face.”

There were all types of dads at the daddy-daughter dance, but I’m pretty sure we all loved our daughters.

Some other thoughts:

The girls mainly ran around, ate cookies, and jumped up and down. Why am I paying for dance lessons? Harper did dance the whip and nae-nae though.

The world is too fascinated with alliteration. Why does everything have to start with the same consonant when we are naming a thing? The human ear is too attracted to alliteration, and we end up with names that don’t make any sense.

I mean the daddy-daughter dance makes sense, but it is awkward. What if a girl doesn’t have a dad? What if she has two moms? What if the girl identifies as a boy or a boy as a girl? I know we can drive ourselves nuts over such matters, but little girls (and kids in general) can have sensitive hearts and they should be protected.

Have any suggestions for other names?

I mean the “Legal Guardian – Daughter Dance” sounds pretty lame.

How about: Girls Night, Girls Night Out?



Matt B says:

I’ve seen you dance. I hope Harper is ok.

Kelsey says:

I think she is the most popular girl in school now.

LizBR says:

My husband is the opposite of a joiner, so he pooh-poohed the idea of the dance. I was a little sad seeing so many pictures of the girls and their dads, knowing they weren’t there…but then again, he had the flu, so he would have had to cancel anyway. He told her they’d go to a movie and get popcorn instead, and she seemed pretty excited about that, but I have a feeling he’s going to have to suck it up and go to the Parental Unit-Child Dance sooner or later.

Kelsey says:

The dance isn’t for the dads! I was hoping to actually dance with Harper, but she really didn’t want any part of that. Tell him to go, drink some punch, eat some cookies, and then stand on the sidelines like the other dads as the girls basically have a really fancy gym class.

Becky Vigus says:

I was glad they didn’t have daddy/daughter dances when my daughter was little. Although I have a brother, brother-in-law, father, and best friend who would all have stepped up.

As to the limo, when my daughter was in middle school (grades 4-7) someone sent a limo for his daughter on the last day of school every year. She and her besties would pile in and off they went. I was a single mom, trying to make ends meet, no limo for my daughter. Instead I took the day off work and we went to lunch and splurged on dessert. Then spent the afternoon together. Much better than a limo anyday.

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