What if Trump is Punking us for the best possible reason?

Trump Punkd.001

What if everything Donald Trump says and does is actually satire?

If so, here’s what he’s deftly taught us so far:

Candidates shouldn’t have to rely on million dollar donations from corporations because the candidates should all be billionaires.

We are a racist, Islamophobic nation.

Policies and beliefs don’t matter, polls do.

The media will cover whatever gets the most ratings regardless if it’s necessary information, hate-mongering, and harmful to our country.

The Iowa caucus is a horrible event that puts an obscene amount of power into the hands of of one of the whitest states (92.5), and then only those who don’t work nights, aren’t single parents, aren’t serving in the military abroad or disabled and unable to attend the live event. (h/t Mr. Reed)

Lies can expose the truth

But what if Donald Trump is revealing all of the problems in politics and politicians by masquerading as one of them?

There are a few precedents for such satire.

Maybe Ashton Kutcher is talking directly into Trump’s ear, and he’s Punking an entire nation.

But more likely, I think he’s one of the Yes Men. The Yes Men are culture jamming activists who raise awareness about social and political issues by impersonating organizations and individuals who they despise. They work under the belief that lies can expose the truth.

They’ve impersonated Shell employees selling “Last Iceberg” snow cones:


And my personal favorite is when they posed as representatives of the World Trade Organization presenting to individuals in the textile industry. They introduced the “management leisure suit,” which has a hands-free monitor at the end of a giant inflatable penis to allow managers to view their workers on the other side of the world at all times:


So here’s what’s going to happen. Donald Trump will win the Republican nominee and then during his big speech at the Republican National convention, he’ll reveal his true self as a concerned American who actually does want to make America great again by regulating corporate greed, championing love and acceptance of all Americans, reforming the political campaign process, and scolding the media for spreading a message of hate.

Donald Trump is holding up a mirror to the American electorate, and that mirror is Donald Trump.

At least that’s what I hope he is doing. How about you?

And here’s the full length movie of the Yes Men Fix the World (2009):

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