I’m so 2015 that I’m on periscope

I don’t mean to brag, but like 16 people follow me on periscope. We should be periscopians together.

I’ve had several folks ask me what I think of it. Here’s essentially what I told my friend Mark Benson:

I think it’s more intimate since it is more immediate. The thing I like best is what I liked about Instagram early on or any other new social platform–how quiet it is. I follow a few people and a few people follow me. It’s much more manageable to interact and pay attention to what others are doing compared to thousands of folks on Twitter.

But as Mark pointed out: “Call someplace paradise, and kiss it goodbye.”

My first try at Periscope was walking out on stage at UNC-Greensboro in an auditorium before 1,000+. It was fun walking out with my periscope friends.

Last night I shot the video below touring my new co-working space at the Downtown Business Connector in Muncie. I was waiting with my Facing Project co-founder, J.R., to lead a writer training for Muncie’s Facing Racism Project.

The video format isn’t the best. I didn’t know you had to enable the videos to save to your camera roll. Otherwise the video is gone within 24 hours. But I really wanted to show you my office so I found a work around that allowed me to record the video from my phone to my computer. (Note: This only works on an updated iPhone to an updated Mac. I know because I had to update both operating systems.)

I thought the whole point of periscope was to produce a temporary video that wouldn’t live on forever, but this workaround eliminates that.

So as always don’t be a jackass and post it on the Internet.

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