Where Am I Speaking Fall 2015

This Fall I’ve had the chance to corrupt a lot of students at schools across the country.

I’m in the middle of a stretch of 8 weeks of visiting at least one high school or college per week. I always like to write this post before I start a season of speaking so maybe I can sync up with some friends or readers while on the road. Alas, I’m a bit behind, so this post covers where I’ve been and where I have left to go this fall.


8/26 Fashion Institute of Technology

As Hogwarts is to wizards, F.I.T. is to fashion students. First year students read WHERE AM I WEARING.  I love reaching fashion students with the stories of the garment workers I’ve met in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and beyond. Some day these students may be sitting in a meeting about rushing an order or squeezing a factory on pricing and ask: “What about the people who make this?”

The garment industry has such a huge potential to provide mothers and fathers around the world with genuine opportunities.

A report on the event

9/2 Gilmour Academy

Gilmour grad, Hilary Dell, founded One Seed Heritage to connect those who wear school uniforms with the people who make them. I spent the day at the high school chatting with students.

9/9 Florida Southern College

I got hissed at by an auditorium full of rattlesnakes during the campuses convocation. I think that was a good thing, but startling nonetheless.

9/17 Central College, Iowa

It was fascinating to be in Iowa during the 2nd Republican debate. I ate some Dutch letters, tilted at windmills, gave a reading of WEARING (I so wanted to rewrite as I was reading!), addressed the first year students who read EATING, and met my author friend Matthew Clemons to pose with a giant ear of corn–as one does in Iowa.

9/24 William Peace College

I lived in Raleigh with Annie for two years after she graduated college, so I got my nostalgia on while visiting William Peace. I also grabbed my first Uber ride (Hello 2013!), bought a pair of Raleigh Denim jeans, and had some really great interactions with students in classes, at my lecture, and at dinner. 

10/1 Austin Peay State, Clarksville, TN

Event details

10/7 UNC-Greensboro, Greensboro, NC

I love speaking in areas with a history in the garment industry.

Program and event details  

10/8 Elon University

Not sure about all the details. That’s how organized I am. But I will finally get to meet Eric Henry of TS Designs— a garment industry hero of mine!

10/13 Faces of Leadership Conference, Charleston, WV

I’ll be speaking about the Facing Project and the power of stories to build community alongside Facing Project co-founder J.R. Jamison.

Details of the conference

10/30 IPFW, Fort Wayne, IN 

Speaking about the Facing Project alongside J.R. again.

11/12 Ivy Tech, Ft. Wayne, IN

I think I’m speaking at 2PM.

11/18 Nothrwest Missouri State, Maryville, MO

Event details

Fall is pretty much booked, but if you are interested in bringing me to speak to your campus or organization in the spring, email me Kelsey@kelseytimmeran.com.

And if you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about all the time, here’s a list of my speaking topics. That said,



Let your voice be heard!