On Indy Style TV with Harper

Two years ago I was on Indy Style TV and chatted with host Tracy Forner shortly after my book EATING released. A month ago Tracy emailed me that he finally got around to reading my book while on vacation in Michigan–not far from the apple farmers and juice factory I wrote about in EATING. He wanted to have me on again to cook. Cook . . . gulp!

I’ve come along way in my food journey, but I’m no chef. Instead of whipping something up Bobby Flay style, I suggested I make banana splits and we have a chocolate and coffee tasting while we chatted.

I took my daughter Harper along for the ride and we included her in the last segment. She did awesome and was so well behaved even if she did spit her chocolate out into my hand. We had a great a great time. Hosts Tracy and Amber and producer Janine made us feel most welcome.  They even plugged our new YouTube channel Harper & Daddy TV.

You can watch both segments here.


CHOCOLATE & COFFEE (Where Harper spits in my hand!)

Katie Schneider says:

You guys rocked it on TV today! That was a real nice looking banana split! And Harper’s got a future as a book publicist!

WaTasha Griffin says:

You are a freaking natural on screen! Instead of meeting at Innovation Connector… Make me a banana split!
I will slice the banana’s no machete needed! Seriously, keep doing what you do!

LOVE HARPER! Great job to you, too Kelsey! I think you need your own show!

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