Where am I . . . in September?

September kicks off a busy fall of corrupting the minds of students across the country.  Six schools have selected my books as common reading experiences (4 for WEARING and 2 for EATING).  Visiting a university full of students who have read (or were supposed to have read!) your book is about the best experience I’ve had as an author.

This month’s schedule is below.  If you are in any of these areas, I’d love for you to attend, or drop me a tweet or Facebook message and maybe we can meet up for coffee. 

9/6  Union City, Ohio  @ 6:30 PM (open to public)

I’m talking about WHERE AM I EATING? at the EUM church where my mother attended as a child and my in-laws attend today. It will be fun to talk farming on four continents with farmers I grew up with.

9/13 Marietta College @ 7:30 PM (open to public)

Marietta College used WHERE AM I WEARING? as a common read. The event is at Fenton Court.  Here’s what Dr. Suzanne Walker had to say about the selecting of WEARING on the campus website:

“Our common reading selection this year is the perfect book to reminds us of the lessons of last year’s theme, Leadership and Social Justice, in a new context of international perspectives as we explore the world through Kelsey Timmerman’s book,” Walker said. “As the committee worked to select the book for this year’s theme the following quotation from Timmerman’s book really resonated with us: ‘when it comes to clothing, others make it, and we have it made.’ The other aspect of Timmerman’s book that I think incoming first-year students will appreciate is the letter to himself as a freshman that he includes as an appendix to the book. It is a wonderful letter of ‘if I’d known then what I know now’ encouragement and advice that he shares with all of those getting ready to head off to college.”

9/18 Lehigh University South Mountain College @ 4 PM (open to public)

The event will be help at the Sinclair Laboratory. I hope to perform some science during my lecture. More details here.


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