CrossFit looked like something I would pay NOT to do

CrossFit looked like something I would pay NOT to do, yet I’ve been doing it, and paying for it, for four months now.

Why? Because my buddy BJ McKay opened a CrossFit gym (aka “a box”), The Arsenal, here in Muncie, and the guy hasn’t heard a NO in his life that he believed. So that’s what got me in the gym, but what hooked me was the community that I saw.

I’ve been sharing my CrossFit journey over at The Arsenal’s blog.

Please check out my first post: How I got roped into CrossFit.

Here’s an excerpt…

We support our friends.

We buy their kids’ overpriced chocolate bars and popcorn for school fundraisers. We host their Tupperware parties.

But what if our friend is opening a gym, and not just any gym, but a CrossFit gym, or as the CrossFitters call it, a box? Do you sign up for an annual membership to be abused? What the heck is CrossFit anyway?

This was the dilemma I faced when my friend BJ McKay told me that he was opening a gym.

All I knew about CrossFit I had learned from my CrossFitting facebook friends. I watched a video of one of my friends staring daggers at a wood box, hesitating before jumping on top of it to the cheers of onlookers. It looked like some type of rah-rah sadomasochistic cult.

Gary Hyslop says:

You’re friends with this guy?


Kelsey says:

Gary, that is hilarious!

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