On Indy Style TV

Where Am I Eating? A Journey Through the Global Food

Thanks to the fun folks at Indy Style TV for interviewing me about Where Am I Eating? and helping me acclimate to Guatemalan heat.

A few random thoughts:

1) I probably shouldn’t have started and ended the interview with my bitter beer face.

2) I will never be not amazed by the angularity of my nose.

3) I went on after a fellow who talked about how to wash and care for home windows. Hard to be more useful than that guy.

4) Not sure where their coffee came from, but it tasted like arm pit.

5) Weathermen are real! They just don’t live in the TV set.

6) I wish I could’ve spent the whole time just talking about Solo, the slave I met in Ivory Coast, or Juan the banana farmer, or Flor the coffee farmer.

Gary Hyslop says:

Great interview, Kelsey! I all seems to hurried, but I guess that’s the format. Either that or too much coffee! 🙂

As a fellow angular nose person, I complete sympathize.

Kelsey says:

Quick sum up modern day slavery, corporate death squads, global trade, and 4 months of travel…you have four minutes! Go! Yep, that’s pretty tough. You can’t do an interview like that and not feel like you left a zillion stories out.

At least they go my non skin cancer side!

Angular noses unite!

Gary Hyslop says:

Yeah, I bet! By the way, my copy of “Where am I Eating” just came in the mail yesterday!

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