Hang out with me today at 3:30

In 2007, Bootsall Travel (one of the coolest travel communities online) named me as one of their rogue travelers, making them the first endorsement (other than my mom) of my idea to go all of the places my clothes were made to meet the people who made them.  They hosted my blog. They shared my stories, and in doing so, became a part of my story.

Sean Keener, the co-founder and CEO of Bootsnall, is hosting a Google Hangout with me today at 3:30.  Sign up to attend or just drop in.  We’ll be talking about around the world travel, bananas, underwear (note to self: don’t use bananas and underwear together in a sentence), and my books WEARING and EATING.

Hope to see you there.

Check out my Bootsnall profile.  If you love to travel, thinking of planning an around the world trip, or just want to swap tales and tips, you should join too.

Here’s my WHERE AM I EATING Adventure as depicted on the Bootsnall Around the World planner:

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