7 things I learned traveling with 7 co-eds in Guatemala

I traveled with 7 awesome co-eds from Winthrop University. I was the only dude on the trip. Here’s what I learned:

1) If I don’t wear my glasses, I almost look like I could be in college…if it weren’t for my hair line.

2) The Oakley’s that I’ve had for a decade are out of style, while the fluorescent Ray-Bans from my youth are back.

3) I’m old enough to be a college freshman’s father.

4) Girls spend less time trying to be cool and more time laughing and snorting. For instance, if you throw in a couple of dudes, we probably wouldn’t have had a 100% participation rate in singing along to cheesy 80s videos at a pizza place in Antigua.

5) Seeing with your heart is more important than seeing with your eyes.

6) I want to be the kind of parent that raises a daughter with a desire to see the world and make it a better place.

7) Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you. Whatever that means? I think it means that they didn’t stop smiling the entire time.

Thanks to Lauren, Fatima, Ali, Marie, Briana, Anita, Callan, Jen, and Kelly for making me feel like one of the gals. I really enjoyed watching you see the world and embracing Guatemala.

And remember…

Tracy Miller says:

Thank you for hosting Lauren and the other girls. I work at an elementary school and she came and spoke to several classes about her experience with you in Guatemala, and the children and teachers were engaged by her story and pictures. She now looks at the world differently and appreciates more all that she is blessed with. She is already planning another trip — this time to Kenya.

Marcus says:

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