American Made Messenger Bags by LexiWynn

My Timbuk2 laptop bag was made in China. I’m not sure of any bags that are made in USA until now…

LexiWynn Bags are made in Illinois. They’re running a cool Kickstarter campaign to help launch their new label.

Tell me what you’re favorite beer is the comments for a chance to win one of their cool Koozies. You’ll also be entered to win if you RT my upcoming tweet, or share my facebook post. The winner will be randomly selected.

Matt J says:

Anything from my friends at Three Heads Brewing. They’ve blown up in the two years they’ve been brewing and love the local Rochester community and try to give back every chance they get with fundraisers and events and showcasing local bands and restaurants. They’re even donating money from every case sold of their newest beer to the United Way.

Also, ReLoad has been making bags in Philly since 1998.

Brad Beauchamp says:

Blue Moon

Dina Jackson says:

No doubt, there is something special about a quality bag made in the USA!

Shelley Beauchamp says:

Shiner Bock

Becky Hunter says:

Newcastle! or Guinness Black Lager or. . .

And LOVE LexiWynn too!

Shelley Beauchamp says:

Brad plays hockey with a guy who sells for Newcastle! 🙂

Sue Manley says:

Hardywood Singel – also made right here in the U.S.A. Actually, just down the street 🙂

Joellen Maurer says:

A bottle of Red Stripe while sitting at Tensing Pen in Negri, Jamaica! No better way to drink a beer. Now all I need is a Kozie!

Todd McDaniel says:

Asahi Super Dry

Lisa Zakhari says:


Delilah oLeary says:

Alagash White Ale

Prudence says:

That’s more than seeibsln! That’s a great post!

Hanna says:

Dogfish Head

Carrianne says:

not a beer fan…but my husband loves 321

Lucinda says:

I hate beer but love the Budweiser commercials with the horses.

Amy Stilling says:

Miller Light…I know, boring! It brings back so many fond memories!!

Julie says:

Blue Moon if I’m eating fried food.
Corona Light with a lime if I’m sitting on the beach(or need to go to the beach in my mind).

Jim Flatford says:

Three Floyds Alpha King. Any more easy questions?

Nicole says:

Shiner BC it’s a Texas thang & it makes a damn good chili!!

Gerald Cox says:

A pint of Guinness, if you please.

Andrea Dunne-Sosa says:

Kasteel – an awesome cherry brew (Belgian, I believe)

Andrea Dunne-Sosa says:

…is this supposed to be limited to American brews only? Or will any beer do? …In that case I guess Sam Adams would be in the running

Trent Trahern says:

Carlsburg. A Danish beer I was exposed to on a WTAMU study abroad trip to Copenhagen.

Dede Long says:

Love Cherry Wheat from Sam Adams. Shane likes Blue Moon. The kids love Root Beer or Ginger Beer. Great video. Happy for you all.

syndie a. says:

I’m late but since it’s a chance to shout out to a favorite beer, I have to take it. Abominable Winter Ale from Hopworks Brewery!

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